Never Judge A Site From The Surface

It goes much deeper than that. At ASCT, we conduct our work with strong professional and ethical principles. Our standards are high, so you can expect nothing less than project success. Our values drive our delivery and ensure every project achieves a successful outcome.

With a team constructed of smart individuals from diverse backgrounds with specialist knowledge across a full scope of areas – ASCT brings a material difference to our clients.
ASCT thrives at the forefront of technology and innovation, adopting new equipment and processes to consistently improve upon result accuracy and efficiency. This means certainty. When you test with the best, you have more time for you to focus on what you do best.
Swapping the briefcases for hardhats; our directors join our testing teams at our on-site testing labs to ensure communications and project outcomes are met and exceeded. We value strong relationships with our clients and project partners, which is why we stand with you on-the-job.


Working Toward The Greater Good

If it’s good enough, it will never be great. Our diverse expertise across a range of industries and project types has provided us with an unrivalled advantage. Throughout our network of laboratories and purpose-built facilities, the ASCT team works closely with one another to ensure we can provide you with meaningful and actionable advice.

While we have industry leading technical expertise, our greatest strength lies within our ability to communicate findings in a manner you understand and can put into action. Whether you are building a bridge or installing a pool, our communication will ensure you know exactly what to do next with your project.

We provide advice on a great number of topics which will assist you in making sound decisions toward the success of your project. Common areas of concern include test method election, sampling plans, material behavioural characteristics and suitability for use, and compliance with State Road specifications to name just a few.

If you have a question about your project, then ASCT will uncover the answer.


A Matter Of Material

Applying our extensive knowledge and understanding of different construction materials allows ASCT to accurately evaluate the suitability of a site, uncovering any potential hazards and preventing future headaches.

We are competent in testing a diverse range of soil, aggregate, rock, road pavement, road surface, and concrete testing within our NATA accredited laboratories. When we uncover a problem, we provide a solution working alongside your delivery partners to improve existing materials for a successful outcome.

Our directors work on-site and see the project through from start to success. This means our clients have a readily-available, consistent contact point for thorough communication during the project.

The safety and viability of a project’s site is heavily dependent on the methodical assessment of it’s materials. Flexural strength, compression tests, air content, absorption and permeability, and chemical tests are just a sample of the CMT services ASCT is capable of delivering to high and reliable standards. Get in touch with ASCT and employ the power of certainty to mitigate project risks during your construction process.


Protect And Prosper

ASCT provides clarity where there is complexity. Our environmental services extend from advisory to on-the-ground analysis, working toward a favourable outcome for the habitat at hand.

ASCT engages in rigorous sampling, testing and monitoring protocols to evaluate the environmental materials, we also ensure environmental compliance standards are met throughout the entire project for private and public sector clients.

Our team of environmental science experts are accomplished in water and soil sampling, water quality testing, soil contaminants, as well as dust and vibration.


Insight Into Impact

For over 30 years ASCT has been an adaptable, multiskilled organisation capable of devising and providing in-depth Geotechnical Investigations catered to the needs of your project. Our engineers’ in-depth knowledge of the relationships between the properties of earth materials allows us to manage risk and defuse potential hazards, upholding safety at all times.

Whether it be a comprehensive analysis of a potential development site, or investigation for a home renovation, ASCT is flexible in our approach, but confident in our ability to provide objective and efficient answers.

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