ASCT is a thriving business in the Construction Materials Testing (CMT) industry.

We thrive because we know what we’re doing, and we’re passionate about what we do.


We live by our ‘Can Do - Not Scared’ mantra. Massive project? Complex specifications? Looming deadline? Never been done before? New Technology?

Bring it on – We love a challenge!

Services We Currently Offer


Practical Advice

A lot of companies forget about this one, but as you can see, it’s top of our list. We are experts in the CMT industry. That doesn’t mean that you have to be one as well. If you’re a private person building a house, or a major Project Manager – we speak your language. ASCT is happy to help you select the correct test methods to ensure the result ‘answers’ your question, and to de-mystify the ‘answer’. Below, are just some of the things we can help with;


Construction Materials Testing (CMT)

The ASCT laboratories are NATA accredited, and equipped to undertake a broad range of soil, aggregate, rock, road pavement, road surface, and concrete testing; for engineering projects together with environmental sampling and testing for contamination assessment & acid sulphate soil for development approvals.

In most cases, ASCT offer the testing in both Australian Standards format, and under the equivalent RMS or QDTMR methods.

There are literally 100’s of individual CMT methods on offer. We won’t try to list them all here, but you can be confident that whatever it is – ASCT has you covered.

Concrete, Grout & Mortar





Pavements & Surfaces



ASCT is a consultant and technical service provider for government and private industry. We conduct the sampling, testing & monitoring of environmental conditions to assist our client’s compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and government specifications / regulations.


Geotechnical Investigations & Engineering

ASCT can tailor a Geotechnical Investigation for your project needs. From the smallest residential project (putting in a pool), to the largest Commercial/Industrial development site.

We’ll make sure that the investigation reveals everything you need to know about the site conditions - Objectively & efficiently.

Should your site require their input, ASCT can connect you with professional Geotechnical Engineering services, to address sub-surface ‘problems’.

A detailed list of all ASCT test methods, accredited by NATA, is available here.

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