Depending on your project situation, there are several ways that ASCT can deliver services to you. We can use any of the delivery options below, or a combination, to get it just right for you.

Whichever option/s you choose; ASCT makes you this promise. We will be polite, honest, helpful, collaborative & objective – throughout.

Base Labs

ASCT has a series of permanent laboratories along the Australian east coast. These facilities are equipped to provide you with any (or all) of our services.

Please CONTACT us for locations & details.

Annex Labs

ASCT can establish a laboratory facility on your project site. We formulate the laboratory’s ‘Scope of Testing’, so that it perfectly fits with your project requirements. Because we are very experienced with these Annex facilities;

Please CONTACT us for more details

Fixed Remote Site

These are ‘mini’ labs used to process samples, where the test method has time limits and the ASCT Base Lab is too far away to get there in time. Sadly, NATA only allow us to provide limited services at these sites.

Please CONTACT us for more details.

Mobile Remote Site

These are truly ‘mobile’ labs, used to process samples, where the physical situation means that we can’t get samples back to the ASCT Base Lab and process them ‘within the time frames required by the customer’. Sadly, NATA only allow us to operate these facilities for 1 week periods. They can be a very useful delivery option, but not for long.

Please CONTACT us for more details.

Field Testing & Sampling

Naturally, ASCT maintains a large fleet of vehicles & equipment, so that our Technicians are always available for your field sampling & testing needs.

Support Services

In order to provide a smooth & efficient service delivery to you, ASCT maintains various in-house support services;

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